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Witzzle Pro

Product Number: KDY 747

Play to sharpen your mind with the Witzzle Pro math card game. Single, group, or family play, any number of players. Enhance problem-solving skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, positive and negative numbers, and order of operations). Play to learn and learn as you play. Great for math night and math contests. Enjoy up to 7 different levels of difficulty with more than 2,000 possible solutions. Includes 40 cards, 3 number cubes, and instructions. Ages 6 and up.

Witzzle Pro is a mind-sharpening and fun number game designed by a brilliant amateur mathematician named Louis Sher. The object of this game is to find ways of using three numbers in any row, column, or diagonal of a 3 x 3 square of numbers to achieve a target number (from -12 to 36) using the four basic arithmetic operations. Witzzle Pro comes with 40 playing cards each printed with a unique grid of nine numbers and specially designed dice used for achieving the target number. Witzzle Pro can be played at seven different levels of play ranging from Beginning to Advanced. The included instruction booklet shows you how to use Witzzle Pro for Individual, Group, or Team play with multiple variations on each. For students fourth grade and higher.

* Practice the math skills demanded of you every day
* Reinforce basic operations
* Develop problem-solving skills
* Explore negative number concepts
* Build on your own abilities

KDY 747

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